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Higher Education AVL Design

For many public and private universities, audio, video and lighting are critical components of their auditoriums and stadiums. They deliver an immersive experience, allowing alumni, students and parents to focus on what’s in front of them, whether it’s a lecture, performance, game, presentation or another learning or entertainment opportunity. That’s why many higher education institutions are deciding to invest in one-of-a-kind AVL designs.

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Grow Your Student Body With AVL Design for Universities

Incorporating a quality, original AVL design into your university offers several benefits, including:

  • Expanding Your Capabilities: An older, outdated AVL system can hold your school back. For example, you may have difficulties when inviting educational speakers, sponsoring performances, presenting class materials or hosting teams at your sports venue. The Illuminated Integration team can develop an AVL design for your college that meets your requirements, helping your school expand its capabilities.
  • Improving Your Audience Experiences: Distractions are everywhere. That’s why so many facilities, from schools to museums to performance venues, strive to create an atmosphere that’s engaging and immersive, capturing the attention of audiences and minimizing distractions. A quality AVL design for higher education can help you achieve those goals, delivering the appropriate lighting, sound and video to direct your students’ attention to where you want it.
  • Building Your School’s Advantages: For many universities, a continuous goal is to increase their student body. A well-designed AVL system for your college can help sway potential students to become a part of your school’s family, especially if they’re interested in programs that use the auditorium frequently, such as dance, music or acting. At Illuminated Integration, we can create an AVL design for your university that contributes to your advantages and enhances the value of your campus.

Who Creates Illuminated Integration College AVL Designs?

We do! At Illuminated Integration, we are a team of experienced creatives. Our design consultants take part in every step of the creative process, from design to implementation, ensuring your college’s AVL design considers your requirements, brand and vision. That way, when we unveil your new AVL system, it’ll check off every box on your list.

What Defines Illuminated Integration University AVL Designs

Our values shape our AVL designs for universities and influence our philosophy, which focuses on:

Creating a Seamless Experience:

We’re a design-build AVL firm, which means we’re here from start to finish — or from design and implementation. By providing a turnkey solution to your school, we can make sure your experience is smooth and free of hassle.

Developing a One-of-a-Kind Design:

We’re a believer in originality, which is why all our higher education AVL designs are one-of-a-kind — we never recycle. Instead, we build and install an AVL system that matches your facility, requirements and brand.

Embracing a Range of Project Complexities:

We’re a passionate, prepared team of professionals, which supports our “can-do” attitude. Our consultants welcome small- and large-scale designs that pose challenges, as well as an opportunity to flex their creative muscles.

Deliver an Experience With Illuminated Integration

At Illuminated Integration, we offer the passion and expertise to create innovative, original higher education AVL designs. Whether you’re expanding your campus and looking to install an AVL system in your newest facilities or modernizing your university and preparing to upgrade your existing AVL systems, our design and consulting team can help you through every step of the process.


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"At Dorney Park we have a 200’ tall attraction that had an antiquated lighting system. It was inefficient, and static color changes would consume a large amount of time from our team. Illuminated Integration proposed a solution utilizing technology from SGM Lighting for our attraction. The tower is not only much brighter than before, but now it is the most visually stunning element in our skyline! The solution is easier to maintain, less expensive to operate and easier to manage color changes. I would definitely recommend considering Illuminated Integration and SGM Lighting for future projects."

Michael Fehnel Dorney Park - Dominator
"We’re really pleased with your recommendations and install.  You’ve been a real blessing to the Faith Family in Hazleton!"
Jim Paisley Faith - Hazleton, PA
"Tyler and Mike from Illuminated did a superlative job with our Frederico Theater. They started the project soon after signing the contract, they met every deadline, they had no change orders, they communicated clearly and often and their training sessions were superb. We could not have asked for a better partner for Holy Ghost Prep's Frederico Theater."
Tim Woods Holy Ghost Prep's Frederico Theater