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Senior living center audio visual and lighting guidelines

Senior Living Center Audio, Visual and Lighting Guidelines

Feb 02, 2021

  Senior living centers, also called long-term care facilities, are home to millions of seniors in the U.S. These centers include residential care facilities, assisted living, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities. With so many older adults relying on these centers…

types of stages

Types of Stages

Jan 29, 2021

  Over the course of history, people have gathered to observe countless orators, actors, musicians and other talented individuals take the stage. The evolution of performance arts has left its mark on the stages and theaters that house these productions.…

grants for theater equipment

Grants for Theater Equipment

Jan 06, 2021

The success of many on-stage events and performances is directly related to the effectiveness of the theater’s equipment. From audio, visual and lighting components to rigging, curtains and acoustics, there are many types of equipment to integrate into your space.…


Rigging Design For Theater Basics

Dec 21, 2020

Enjoying a live theater performance is an experience like no other, and it’s made possible by the actors, costumes, sets and rigging system that go into a show. A theater’s rigging system is the unseen and unsung hero of the…

types of acoustic treatments

7 Types of Acoustic Treatments

Nov 13, 2020

You’ve probably heard the term acoustics in reference to a theater or concert hall, but acoustics are an important aspect of every building you’ve ever stepped foot in. Have you considered what the acoustics are like at your business? For…


Sound Design for Theatre

Oct 16, 2020

  A theatrical production’s sound design defines its overall atmosphere and its effectiveness at telling a story. It’s a critical component of the narrative and influences the audience’s perception of the play. Therefore, it’s essential to create sound effects and…

7 Auditorium Acoustics Considerations

7 Auditorium Acoustics Considerations

Sep 30, 2020

If your school, performing arts center, museum, concert hall or event venue has an auditorium, you’re probably more concerned with acoustics than most people — and rightfully so. In an auditorium, acoustics are extremely important. Even if you recognize the…


Room Acoustics 101

Sep 03, 2020

Whether you’re setting up an elaborate stereo system or simply trying to hold a conversation, some rooms seem to have a better sound than others. Many large rooms sound hollow and echo-filled, while others are so absorbent that it sounds…

How Technology Has Changed Theater

How Technology Has Changed Theater

Jul 14, 2020

Technology has increased the capabilities of theater in countless ways. From set design all the way to the performance itself, tech now plays a role in most theatrical productions. Whether it helps an actor’s voice reach everyone in the audience…


Understanding Types of Speaker Systems

Jun 11, 2020

From movies and stage plays to concerts, presentations and other speaking events, the audio component is just as critical — if not more — as the visual component. Audiences process significant amounts of information through sound, especially if they’re auditory…