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Presentation Design Ideas

Presentation Design Ideas

Dec 21, 2022

  Many businesses rely on presentations to communicate with prospective buyers, employees or other strategic partners. Presentations help deliver valuable information in a clear and structured way, leaving attendees better off than before the demonstration. But in today’s competitive landscape,…

Lighting Positions

Lighting Positions

Dec 12, 2022

  Lighting positioning is the technique of strategically installing various light sources in specific locations to control the direction of light. When lighting directors want to highlight or emphasize certain performance elements, they use different lighting positions to cast a…


Stage Lighting Theory

Jun 09, 2022

  Stage lighting is a key component to creating intoxicating performances. The lights illuminate the stage, highlight key focal points, set the scene, and more. From giving visual direction to grabbing the audience’s attention to shaping and enhancing the environment,…

Wide angle of theater seating with colored lighting

How to Plan a Conference: Your AVL Considerations

Mar 08, 2022

  Organizing a conference and need some ideas for planning a successful and memorable event? This article is for you. Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor conference, poor audio, lighting and video (AVL) provisions can make the best conference…

Purple stage lighting

Stage Lighting: How to Choose a Color Scheme

Mar 03, 2022

  We live in a colorful world. From brighter display screens on our smartphones to the eye-grabbing HDR experience on new OLED televisions, we enjoy more color saturation and intensity than ever before. Just take a look at a news…

Affect lighting

How Stage Direction and Position Affect Lighting

Feb 25, 2022

  Excellent stage lighting puts the focus on your subject, whether an actor, singer, pastor, public speaker, business leader or some other presenter. When people take to the stage, they want their message delivered as clearly as possible. Lighting can…

Group of dancers on stage

Stage Lighting for Dance: Essential Tips

Feb 21, 2022

  When dancers perform on stage, they bring the theater to life with a dynamic, athletic art form. Dance is an expression of moving bodies and all the patterns, shapes and stories they show. Effective stage lighting contributes to that…

reduce medical errors stethoscope

How AVL Can Help Reduce Medical Errors

Feb 14, 2022

  AVL, or audio, video and lighting design, is critical for any facility. Healthcare and medical buildings, such as hospitals, can significantly benefit from proper AVL design. Staff workers may see fewer mistakes when dispensing medications with improved lighting and…

lighting cues

Lighting Cues

Feb 04, 2022

  Lighting plays a vital role in any live performance. Whether your stage is hosting a stand-up comedy night or the local community theater is putting on a rendition of a Shakespeare play, lighting enhances the audience’s experience. It guides viewers to where…

how to design stage lighting

How to Design Stage Lighting 

Jan 26, 2022

  Many factors go into determining how to light up a stage. While experience and testing different approaches will allow you to practice and refine your techniques, using a stage lighting guide can highlight the stage lighting basics and give you a…