E-Sports Centers

Lighting, Audio, Video Solutions for Sports and Esports Centers

Illuminated Integration designs, integrates and installs complete performance systems for esports centers nationwide. Our expertly crafted audio, video and lighting designs can establish an immersive atmosphere that entertains customers and supports professional esports event production. 

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E-Sports Centers

Custom Solutions for Esports Complexes and Gaming Lounges

Our audio, visual and lighting elements create an engaging atmosphere for gaming. We also integrate equipment that elevates event production quality for in-person attendees and online viewers, boosting the venue’s appeal to major tournament organizers. All elements connect and synchronize through an intuitive, touchscreen control console that enables simple presets and real-time adjustments. 

Esports Video Equipment

Our complete performance systems integrate equipment that elevates spectator engagement and streamlines event production and broadcasting. We can customize an production setup that features critical video elements, such as:

  • Computer monitors
  • LED and LCD video walls 
  • Projection systems
  • Video switching and distribution equipment 
  • Video connector cables
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and broadcast cameras
  • Video recording and broadcasting equipment

What You Can Do With E-Sports Center Equipment

Our audio, video and lighting equipment open new possibilities for e-sports venues of all sizes. Here are some examples of what we can do for your facility: 

We provide all the equipment necessary for a professional live stream. Work with us to build a commentary booth with bright lighting, high-fidelity microphones, crystal-clear cameras and convenient video displays. We will connect the commentary booth to a control room with a soundboard, video switcher and other necessary controls. 

Emphasize the importance of big moments by providing a main stage for tournament finals. We will set up a professional stage with high-definition display screens for players, powerful sound systems to project game audio throughout the venue and creative lighting displays that provide visibility while elevating the moment. 

Gamers love immersing themselves in a new reality while playing the games they love and competing against friends. You can turn your venue into a transformative environment with custom lighting. We offer adjustable light fixtures that give you control over the color, brightness, angle and motion. Our team will check out your venue to collaborate on a lighting ensemble that sets the right vibe. 

Big moments draw a crowd, so project game footage and audio throughout the venue. We can install projector screens and televisions in convenient locations, ensuring spectators can catch every frame during grand finals. We can also assemble a distributed audio system that sends audio evenly throughout the venue. Either connect the display system to the console or load up the website hosting the stream to put players on the big screen. 

Teal And Purple Intersecting Lines.
Teal And Purple Neon Lines Making A 90 Degree Angle.
Teal And Purple Neon Lines Making A 90 Degree Angle.

Esports Audio and Sound Equipment

We develop and install audio systems that meet the specific needs of esports facilities. Our professionals will incorporate equipment that delivers detailed, synchronized in-game audio to each player while preventing noise congestion in the venue. We can also install various assets that promote uniform audio coverage while controlling sound reflections in small gaming lounges and large esports arenas. This equipment includes:

  • Distributed audio systems
  • Sound system reinforcements
  • Headphones
  • Background music systems
  • Microphone systems 
  • In-ear monitoring systems 
  • Sound masking equipment 
  • Assisted listening devices
  • Sound recording and broadcasting equipment 
  • Acoustic panels 

Esports Lighting Equipment

Illuminated Integration designs esports lighting systems that emphasize the mood during competitive tournaments or training sessions. All lighting systems integrate with a control system that streamlines adjustments to color, brightness, position and motion. Our lighting systems include:

  • Theatrical lighting 
  • House lighting 
  • Commercial lighting 
  • Architectural lighting 
  • Thematic lighting 
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • Cue light systems

We connect lighting equipment to rigging systems in accordance with standards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Entertainment Service and Technology Administration (ESTA) and other organizations. 

Networking Equipment

Illuminated Integration provides networking equipment to facilitate high-speed connectivity across a local area network (LAN) and broadband internet. Our staff will design and install networking equipment that satisfies your connection requirements while meeting needs for organization and safety. You will benefit from:

  • Ethernet cables
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables
  • Network switches
  • Routers and modems 
  • Network security equipment

Audio, Video and Lighting Experts for Esports Facilities

Illuminated Integration curates immersive esports experiences by providing professional solutions for audio, acoustics, video, lighting and more. Our design-build philosophy allows us to customize complex solutions for every esports gaming center we serve.

As experienced professionals serving the rapidly growing esports industry, we can select, install and calibrate equipment that meets the market’s standards. Our systems leverage the latest technology and methods to promote a high-fidelity gaming experience. Our integration capabilities and staff training simplify equipment operation during esports events.

Discuss Your Project With Illuminated Integration

Illuminated Integration is ready to level up your gaming center by providing a custom solution. We’ll speak with you to discuss what you need from a system and develop a design that meets your requirements. You can contact us online to tell us about your project and start the process.

E-Sports Centers

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I am the Technical Director at Saint John Vianney High School in Holmdel, NJ. Illuminated did a complete overhaul of our audio system; replacing the speakers, sound board, infrastructure, 20 wireless body mics and receivers, and adding some plug and play XLR ports to the front of the stage which work off touchscreens in various places in […]

Chris ScolesHolmdel, NJ

Tyler and Mike from Illuminated did a superlative job with our Frederico Theater. They started the project soon after signing the contract, they met every deadline, they had no change orders, they communicated clearly and often and their training sessions were superb. We could not have asked for a better partner for Holy Ghost Prep’s Frederico Theater.

Tim WoodsBucks County, PA

We’re really pleased with your recommendations and install.  You’ve been a real blessing to the Faith Family in Hazleton!

Jim PaisleyHazleton, PA

At Dorney Park we have a 200’ tall attraction that had an antiquated lighting system. It was inefficient, and static color changes would consume a large amount of time from our team. Illuminated Integration proposed a solution utilizing technology from SGM Lighting for our attraction. The tower is not only much brighter than before, but now it […]

Michael FehnelLehigh County, Pennsylvania
A Dark Colored Audio System.


Lighting, audio and video systems help sports complexes and recreational centers provide crowd engagement opportunities and give visitors first-rate experiences.  Illuminated Integration is a design-build  firm installing and integrating cutting-edge systems. We’ve completed thousands of projects and are ready to customize solutions to your needs.