Quality Lighting, Audio, Video Solutions for Restaurants

Your restaurant is a hub for customers to socialize and enjoy good food, and you may want to establish a pleasurable dining experience for your guests. Lighting, audio and video design and integrations can tremendously improve your restaurant’s atmosphere. 


The Impact of Lighting, Audio, & Video Systems in Your Restaurant

Lighting, audio and video professionals can identify your restaurant’s needs and create and install technologies to enhance your space. There are three components you should consider using to impact your customer experience. 

Compelling audio is vital to create an immersive and positive auditory experience. A specialized system helps establish the quality of sound, even coverage and dynamic range you want and can adjust according to your changing needs. Key audio components include:

  • Speakers and amplifiers: You need quality speakers and amplifiers to deliver engaging audio in your restaurant. Strategically placing these audio systems around your space enables you to distribute sound uniformly and precisely.
  • Microphones and mixing consoles: Microphones help you communicate with customers and ensure quality performance during live events, while audio mixers or mixing consoles assist you in controlling and balancing sound in your space. Both products are vital for effective audio.

Visual displays serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Some products that can enhance your guests’ dining experience include:

  • Projectors and displays: These systems can share information such as menu items and specials and stream events like sports games and live entertainment. 
  • Screens and video switchers: You can promote your business and broadcast live events with screens and control the display on each screen with video switchers to enhance the overall customer experience. 

Having the right lighting is critical — color temperature, coverage and color rendering index optimizes the look and feel of your space. Lighting professionals tailor lighting solutions to match your restaurant type and aesthetic:

  • Stage lighting: The specialized lighting enhances the performance area of your restaurant, making for a captivating customer experience.
  • Ambient lighting: Ambient lights set the tone of your restaurant and help you create the desired atmosphere — edgy, welcoming, elegant, contemporary or pub-style.  
Teal And Purple Intersecting Lines.
Teal And Purple Neon Lines Making A 90 Degree Angle.
Teal And Purple Neon Lines Making A 90 Degree Angle.

Benefits of Installing Lighting, Audio, Video Systems in Your Restaurant

Lighting, audio and video systems create immersive dining experiences, attracting customers and ensuring repeat visits. The benefits of receiving consulting to custom-create systems for your restaurant include:

  • High-quality audio for music and live performances.
  • Captivating visual presentations and digital signage.
  • Dynamic lighting effects that adapt to the time of day or current event.

Successfully Completed Restaurant Solutions

An example of a successful Illuminated Integration project is how we enhanced Live! Sports & Social Cary outside Raleigh, North Carolina. Our team installed theatrical and rotating lighting, creating a Southern sports bar atmosphere that customers love. The easy-to-operate, customized light switches enable the staff to adjust the illumination for each event and space, enhancing the guest experience.


Our Happy Clients


I am the Technical Director at Saint John Vianney High School in Holmdel, NJ. Illuminated did a complete overhaul of our audio system; replacing the speakers, sound board, infrastructure, 20 wireless body mics and receivers, and adding some plug and play XLR ports to the front of the stage which work off touchscreens in various places in […]

Chris ScolesHolmdel, NJ

Tyler and Mike from Illuminated did a superlative job with our Frederico Theater. They started the project soon after signing the contract, they met every deadline, they had no change orders, they communicated clearly and often and their training sessions were superb. We could not have asked for a better partner for Holy Ghost Prep’s Frederico Theater.

Tim WoodsBucks County, PA

We’re really pleased with your recommendations and install.  You’ve been a real blessing to the Faith Family in Hazleton!

Jim PaisleyHazleton, PA

At Dorney Park we have a 200’ tall attraction that had an antiquated lighting system. It was inefficient, and static color changes would consume a large amount of time from our team. Illuminated Integration proposed a solution utilizing technology from SGM Lighting for our attraction. The tower is not only much brighter than before, but now it […]

Michael FehnelLehigh County, Pennsylvania
A Dark Colored Audio System.

Elevate Your Customer Experience With Quality Lighting, Audio, Video Solutions

Illuminated Integration comprises a dedicated team of audio, video and lighting integration experts. We have completed over 1,000 projects and counting, and our team has helped restaurants and venues in the hospitality industry enhance their customer experience and atmosphere. We will work quickly to design, create and customize solutions for you.