Benefits of Having a Professional Lighting Team

How important is visibility in any project you work on? Recent research demonstrates that lighting plays an integral role in buildings ranging from unforgettable residential and entertainment spaces to inviting retail stores and inspiring houses of worship, ultimately enhancing safety, creating ambiance and influencing how shoppers make purchases.

Of course, if you’re already working with architects, engineers and electricians, the thought of using a professional lighting designer might seem unnecessary, especially when interior designers or lighting supply company representatives say they can do the job for you. And while there are admittedly other options to getting lighting installed, you have to ask yourself: Are they in the best interest of your project?

To help clarify what you get when employing a professional lighting design company like Illuminated Integration, we’ve put together this list of benefits to help inform your lighting decisions so that they’re not ones you later regret:

  • Specialized knowledge of light and lighting: The applications of lighting and breakthroughs in lighting technology are ongoing and occurring at a feverish pace. Literally hundreds if not thousands of new lighting products come to market every year. When you choose to work with a professional lighting designer, you get a specialist who’s informed about all the lighting industry’s latest technology without being beholden to any one supplier.
  • Project support from beginning to end: As projects progress from their design to completion phases, a great deal of unforeseen issues can occur. Questions and concerns regarding everything from aesthetics to maintenance matters can suddenly present themselves. With a lighting team that’s with you from the beginning to the end of your project, you can count on the professional input you need — when you need it.
  • Supplier and equipment agnostic ways: Unlike a manufacturer’s representative or supplier, a lighting designer works for you and is therefore able to make suggestions free from affiliations with any specific lighting company. As a result, you can get the fixtures, controls and overall lighting system that best fit your needs and objectives. It’s also a good point to consider that a lighting designer can take projected energy and maintenance costs into account and suggest a system that results in substantial savings over time.
  • Your lighting advocate: Having a professional lighting team gives you an added set of eyes looking over the lighting-related aspects of your project, such as electricians’ wiring, finish work from carpenters and outcomes from other contractors. With a lighting advocate, you’re more likely to recognize any subpar work or installation problems early enough in the project’s lifecycle that something can still be done to correct the issues without incurring the costs of having corrective work done at a later point.

Illuminated Integration — Lighting Is Our Specialty

Choosing a lighting specialist like Illuminated Integration can immediately add prestige to your project. As a professional audio, visual and lighting (AVL) company, we supply full-service design/build lighting solutions inspired by your needs and our more than 20 years of in-house creativity. Whether it’s the importance of color in lighting or the seven qualities of light, we’re passionate about the tailored lighting solutions we create.

To learn more about our custom lighting services and how we can be of service on your next project, fill out our contact form now.

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