Church Lighting Effects at Christmas

Church Lighting Effects at Christmas

For churches, Christmas is an exciting time and one when houses of worship see their attendance numbers swell for some of their most anticipated services of the year. Everything from putting extra splashes of color on stage in the form of plants, fabrics and backdrops to creating a festive atmosphere with trees, wreaths and garland is done with a decorator’s keen eye and caring touch.

But of all the special seasonal effects used, church lighting for Christmas can make all the difference when it comes to what it illuminates. After all, since lighting doesn’t operate in a vacuum but must shine onto some object, stage or person to have its intended effect, it’s the ultimate team player in any creative and/or stage director’s toolkit.


To help make Christmas services emotionally memorable and visually spectacular, many houses of worship make use of new church lighting elements. Plenty of lighting effects can effectively set the stage for the celebration of Christmas.

At Illuminated Integration, we’re skilled at working on projects with plans both large and small. When it comes to supplying lighting solutions to houses of worship, we fully appreciate the importance of keeping everything cohesive and effective. That’s why, in the spirit of sharing, we’ve come up with a few lighting tips to help your church stage design this Christmas:

  • Make it sparkle: Pick up a multiple star design gobo for an ellipsoidal light fixture to project an incredible nighttime sky over your walls and stage. In addition, well-placed tinsel and strands of garland can serve as wonderful focal points for lighting to reflect off of and add sparkle to any stage design or photo opportunity throughout your entryway spaces.
  • Give it texture: Before choosing any fabrics, plastics or soft goods, be sure they’re flame-retardant so that their use doesn’t break any fire codes. Once you have some safe elements to add to your stage, play with the lighting you have to create new perspectives, colors and textures. For everyone from first-time visitors to your most faithful attendees, the fresh visual effect will be noticeable and draw interest to anything you present.
  • Consider using intelligent lights: Since many services culminate in a big event moment, you might want to consider investing in or renting some intelligent lights that add an extra sense of motion — and even emotion — to your Christmas services.


Illuminated Integration supplies houses of worship with full-service audio, visual and lighting (AVL) design/build solutions, and we’d be happy to do the same for you. We draw upon our more than two decades of in-house creativity to make sure each design is entirely satisfactory and unique. Whether it’s to emphasize sermons or create a festive atmosphere, you can trust our solutions to meet your needs and help you reach your overall goals.

Discover what our church AVL team can do for your house of worship. Fill out our contact form now — we look forward to hearing from you!

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