How an AVL Upgrade Can Improve Your Corporate Space

How an AVL Upgrade Can Improve Your Corporate Space

The average employee spends nearly one-third of their life at work. With so much time and effort devoted to their careers, it’s important that employers take proactive steps to enhance the workplace in every way imaginable. Upgrading your facility with a new AVL system can drastically improve your corporate offices by adding aesthetics, improving employee mood, reducing energy, branding your space and fostering community building within the workplace.

At Illuminated Integration, we understand that your employees are your top priority. Our dynamic AVL systems do more than simply connect your business with the latest audio, visual and lighting technology — they can also preserve the wellbeing of your employees while improving facility functionality and enhancing company culture. By integrating an upgraded AVL system into your office, you can create better working conditions and capabilities for all of your employees.

How Audio, Visual & Lighting Improvements Can Help Your BusinessHow an AVL Upgrade Can Improve Your Corporate Space

You may be familiar with AVL systems used in venues such as movie theaters, worship centers and school auditoriums, but did you know that many companies integrate these dynamic technologies into their corporate spaces? The latest AVL systems are more than capable of enhancing the functionality and versatility of a business facility. More importantly, they provide a wealth of advantages that benefit employee health and productivity.

AVL is more than the lighting, sound and visuals within your corporate space — it’s a resource that enhances the way people work. Here are five ways AVL improvements can benefit your company.

1. Improve Mood

How high of a priority is employee morale in your corporate setting? Hopefully, it’s a top focus. If your employees aren’t happy, it will harm your business in a number of ways. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key for employee happiness and retention, however, there are many ways that old or inefficient AVL equipment can negatively impact their health and productivity. Light — from both natural and artificial sources — has a constant influence on our bodies. Too little or too much light can disrupt our biological systems.

Thankfully, AVL systems can feature a lighting technique called white tuning, which helps regulate circadian rhythm, increase productivity and improve mood. This color tuning method adjusts the white color in your corporate spaces to control the intensity and temperature of the light. Too intrusive or too absent of lighting at various times of the day negatively impacts our internal cycles, which can decrease our energy levels and mood. White tuning allows you to adjust the artificial light temperature to cater to our inherent dependence on natural light cycles.

Colored lighting can also influence the mood of your employees. The wavelengths of each light color affect us physiologically as well as psychologically. This is especially important in corporate spaces where natural light may be unavailable. Since many people have similar perceptions and interpretations of color, you can implement these hues within the workplace to foster a sense of positivity, creativity and calm.

A person’s job has a huge impact on their physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing, but thankfully, employers can improve their corporate spaces by integrating new or upgrading their current AVL systems. Your employees directly impact your company’s success. Keep them happy, motivated and cared for with an AVL upgrade from Illuminated Integration. We’ll evaluate your needs and help you design an AVL build that is perfect for your corporate space. Our audio, visual and lighting systems feature the latest technologies that cater to the needs of your employees — functionally and physiologically.

2. Conserve Energy

AVL systems can help your employees conserve and restore their energy levels, but what about the actual energy utilized in the facility? The bottom line of every business is to increase profit while decreasing expenditures. Believe it or not, you can accomplish this goal by simply changing a light bulb. Advances in technology have impacted every aspect of our daily lives, including the lighting systems within our offices. AVL systems can improve energy consumption throughout your offices, conference rooms and break areas.

Efficiency is vital in everything you do, which is why energy efficiency in your corporate spaces should be a critical focus. Integrating LED lighting into your facility is a proactive way to limit overall energy expenditures. These bulbs can utilize as much as 80% less power than other lighting sources like incandescent bulbs. LED lights can also last 25% longer than traditional light sources, providing you with clear, visible light that limits energy consumption and requires fewer replacements.

LEDs are also a wise choice for businesses that accept responsibility for their part in helping the environment. Studies have shown that LED lighting has less of a negative impact on the environment than CFL lighting and incandescent bulbs. LED lights have a lesser impact on water, soil, air and resources and are not manufactured with toxic materials. By replacing the inefficient and hazardous lighting sources within your office, your company is choosing to adopt the best possible lighting option with the lowest environmental impact.

Similar to other technology upgrades your business chooses, upgrading the lighting in your AVL systems is a strategic way to enhance productivity in the workplace while reducing energy expenditures over the life cycle of each LED bulb. These intelligent lighting systems are designed for long-term use. As part of your upgraded AVL system, LED lighting conserves energy and reduces consumption costs.

3. Build Community

Integrating new AVL designs into your conference rooms and offices is a fantastic way to improve the way your employees accomplish their work. Did you know that these systems can also deliver just as many benefits during their break time, as well? Revamping the AVL throughout your common spaces like lunchrooms, meeting spaces, fitness centers and relaxation areas can help build a sense of community within your business. An active company culture is advantageous, but employees can also build their relationships with one another during informal activities.

One way community is cultivated and fostered is in the interactions between employees when they’re taking a break from their responsibilities. Whether you have a few small seating areas throughout your offices or if your facility has a dedicated area for employee relaxation, the importance of break rooms for your employees cannot be overlooked. Every member of your team deserves time away from their desks to disconnect, relax and recharge for the rest of the day. Upgrading these spaces with AVL technology creates more of the comfortable environment they need.

Poorly designed common areas can unintentionally keep people apart, disengaged or make them feel uncomfortable. The informal spaces that your employees frequent should be comfortable, promote socialization and provide a healthy atmosphere where they are positively stimulated on emotional and cognitive levels. These environments can create a sense of community that often leads to more collaboration with other employees. Peers also tend to build stronger relationships and share ideas freely in these supportive capacities.

avl design in common area

Your corporate spaces should encourage and aid your employees in building a community with one another. Integrating AVL technology allows you to use features like ambient music and tunable white lighting to create a workplace environment that fosters togetherness. Strong company culture strengthens your brand identity, increases employee loyalty and productivity and helps these individuals feel a sense of pride, ownership and community with their employer.

4. Run Better Events

AVL systems are used to enhance a variety of public and private events. While functions like movie screenings, stage productions and educational ceremonies often come to mind, we know these dynamic technologies aren’t reserved for special events alone. In fact, AVL systems integrated into the corporate setting can act as powerful resources that enable you to facilitate and improve the many gatherings, meetings and occasions your business hosts throughout the year. AVL systems are built for versatility, allowing you to utilize their capabilities in every context.

Corporate events open to the public or reserved for special guests may be the largest gatherings you host each year. Whether your facility is located in a single building or sprawls across an entire campus, AVL systems are designed to cater to any scope and size you require. Not only can you outfit your dedicated event space with the latest technology, but you also have the ability to showcase your system’s capabilities in smaller spaces for private gatherings that require the versatile audio, video and lighting tools.

Consider the importance of presentation in business. You want those who represent your company to do so in the best way possible, which is why presentation skills are valued. Although a confident and talented employee is an indispensable asset, the technology supporting these presentations also plays a vital role in success. During all of your events — large or small — you want to ensure a good first impression, build trust for your business and leave your audience informed or inspired. AVL systems are perfect partners for presentations.

High-quality AVL equipment minimizes presentation problems by delivering crisp and clear sound, picture and light. An AVL presentation control system solution features the versatile technology needed to keep your audience engaged. Adjust the levels of lighting and sound throughout the room to create an atmosphere that maximizes visibility and acoustics while minimizing distractions. High-quality video projection software offers picture clarity that isn’t too intense or dimly lit. From start to finish, you’ll capture your audience’s attention and give them the best presentation possible.

When you upgrade your lecture room, auditorium or gathering spaces with the latest AVL equipment, you can transform the room into whichever environment you desire. From marketing your business to delivering a powerful message, every gathering can feel like a special event with dynamic audio, visual and lighting equipment. You can set the perfect mood with ambient music and strategic lighting. You can ensure the transfer of ideas and information while showcasing the people and products that help your business succeed.

5. Personalize Your Space

Branding is key to business success — that’s why it’s such a high priority in your company. AVL systems are innovative resources that transform the way you work, however, they can also strengthen your corporate branding throughout your facility. When it comes to brand identity, consistency is just as important as uniqueness. Every design should be customized to provide streamlined AVL solutions that transform your business — functionally and aesthetically. You can strategically elevate your brand by integrating your unique company culture and corporate identity to your AVL design.

personalized avl design

One effective way to personalize and brand your space is to implement a customized AVL design. Features like architectural lighting and exterior lighting can dramatically alter the atmosphere and perception of a building. Changes in the direction, texture, color and softness of your lighting can provide visibility and immersion in virtually any space. Distributed audio systems can deliver communication and music throughout your facility. Video and LED walls provide stunning platforms for displaying information or highlighting important projects. AVL builds create personalized sensory experiences for your corporate spaces.

Illuminated Integration offers a one-of-a-kind AVL setup that caters to your exact business needs and corporate identity. We never use a cookie cutter approach during our project evaluations. Instead, we design each AVL build from square one with your collaboration. Our team of design professions will determine the best way to meet your needs while facilitating your expectations and goals. We’ll work together on the build’s creation every step of the way and implement the changes you desire. Once your system is finalized and installed, we’ll provide continued support.

We believe that an AVL system in any space should be an original design that delivers a seamless experience. Your audio, visual and lighting capabilities need to be versatile and adaptive to your changing needs, especially in a corporate setting. Industries change and employees evolve, which means your facility needs to be equipped with AVL technology that is adaptive to these diverse needs. If your facility needs a turnkey AVL solution that your business and employees can rely on, you need a customized AVL build from Illuminated Integration.

Improve Your Corporate Space With AVL Upgrades From Illuminated Integration

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Every element of your business should function in a way that elevates your success. By upgrading the AVL systems throughout your corporate spaces, you can ensure your facility provides both the employees and the business entity with dynamic audio, video and lighting technology. From improving employee health to conserving energy and reducing expenditures, a customized AVL build can work wonders for your business.

Are you ready to discover how an upgraded AVL system can improve the functionality and versatility of your corporate space? Contact Illuminated Integration today and let us help you transform the way your business uses audio, video and lighting systems.

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