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Dorney Park - Dominator

Dorney Park – Dominator, Allentown, PA

Dominating the Night Skies

As amusement parks continue to thrive across the world, a push toward theming is spreading into smaller market parks.  In this article, we will be discussing themed entertainment and our role within the field, as well as our recent lighting of Dorney Park’s Dominator thrill ride.

Themed Experience

Theming is the use of overarching themes to create a holistic and integrated spatial style.  Commonly dubbed themed entertainment, themed experience provides a broader application to themed entertainment, primarily because themed experiences can be cultured anywhere from theme parks to retail shopping spaces, even residential neighborhoods.  

Our capabilities within the theming world are vast.  At Illuminated, our services encompass design and installation of lighting, audio, and video systems.  We create theming through projection mapping, lighting interior and exterior spaces, or concealing audio to fit within the aesthetics of a space.  Our goal is to provide a system tailored to the end-user’s needs. Whether those needs are for greater levels of automation or greater customization, we will provide what best suits the client.


Dorney Park’s Dominator project provided us with our first opportunity in the themed entertainment world.  While our design and install teams have been working in the field of themed experience for years upon years, entering into the theme park world is a new directional movement for the company.  Our design and install results from Dominator prove we are more than capable of expansion within the themed entertainment market.


Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania recently contacted us to bring light to their 200 foot tall Dominator attraction.  Featuring 3 towers conjoined at the top, this launch and drop combination thrill ride towers over the park and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Our task was to bring light, and lots of it, to Dominator. Not only did we need a serious amount of lumens, we needed color changing depth to provide versatile theming for the various seasons the park adapts to throughout the year.  For optimal coverage, we chose to place a fixture at the center of the 3 towers, uplighting the cross beams that adjoin the top of the ride’s towers. Each tower is then grazed with light from the outside of the structure. This ensures even coverage across the entire ride.


Our design team chose two separate fixtures to accomplish this task:  SGM’s i5 RGBW and their P10 RGBW.  Each i5 provides 21,527 lumens of output, while the P10 emmits 39,690 lumens.  These fixtures also offer best-in-class optical color mixing, smooth dimming, and temperature capability from 2000k to 10000k.


One of our necessary design elements on this job was a more fully automated control system.  While Dorney does need adaptability in terms of color changing throughout the year, they also need it to be a simple system to operate on a daily basis.  In order to achieve this, we integrated an ETC Mosaic system, complete with a touch controller and fully programmed preset seasons.

Why add more automation?  This is a question we hear a good bit within our community, and the answer is fairly simple.  End users rarely have staff with in depth knowledge of lighting systems (more specifically lighting control systems).  Adding automation and programmed presets saves clients from having to staff additional skilled labor, while providing consistently good looks for years to come.  The level of control automation we choose is always based on our clients needs.


Our in-house professional installation team was tasked with mounting 3 of the SGM i5’s and center mounting the single SGM P10.  In order to secure the i5’s, our install creatives mounted to existing poles 12 feet off the ground for an optimal beam angle, covering the entire height of the towers.  The center mounted P10 is mounted from existing trussing set to match the height of the i5’s. Altogether, the fixtures provide incredible brightness over the 200 foot throw distance.

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    "Cutting edge knowledge, highly professional, and extremely competent. Illuminated Integration provided exceptional planning, pricing, delivery and installation of equipment and networking within our theater. We cannot imagine using anyone else for future work. These guys are really good!"
    Michael Starner Conestoga High School - Theatre Lighting Upgrades
    "At Dorney Park we have a 200’ tall attraction that had an antiquated lighting system. It was inefficient, and static color changes would consume a large amount of time from our team. Illuminated Integration proposed a solution utilizing technology from SGM Lighting for our attraction. The tower is not only much brighter than before, but now it is the most visually stunning element in our skyline! The solution is easier to maintain, less expensive to operate and easier to manage color changes. I would definitely recommend considering Illuminated Integration and SGM Lighting for future projects."

    Michael Fehnel Dorney Park - Dominator
    "Illuminated Integration did an awesome job of upgrading our Live Stream.  We went from SD to 1080. They were great to work with!"
    Josh Gill Doylestown Presbyterian Church - Sanctuary Video System
    "I am the Technical Director at Saint John Vianney High School in Holmdel, NJ. Illuminated did a complete overhaul of our audio system; replacing the speakers, sound board, infrastructure, 20 wireless body mics and receivers, and adding some plug and play XLR ports to the front of the stage which work off touchscreens in various places in the room. Everything works seamlessly and their tech support is top notch. They are always willing to help even at weird times (which is especially helpful if something goes wrong during or near showtime!)."
    Chris Scoles St. John Vianney High School - Theatre Audio System
    "Tyler and Mike from Illuminated did a superlative job with our Frederico Theater. They started the project soon after signing the contract, they met every deadline, they had no change orders, they communicated clearly and often and their training sessions were superb. We could not have asked for a better partner for Holy Ghost Prep's Frederico Theater."
    Tim Woods Holy Ghost Prep's Frederico Theater
    "We’re really pleased with your recommendations and install.  You’ve been a real blessing to the Faith Family in Hazleton!"
    Jim Paisley Faith - Hazleton, PA