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The Illuminated Integration Blog

4 Things to Know About LED Sports Venue Lighting

Dec 12, 2018

While the use of metal halide lights to illuminate sports venues has been the norm for decades, sports lighting solutions are beginning to embrace commercial LED lighting for a host of reasons, ranging from its lower energy consumption to its…


Church Lighting Effects at Christmas

Dec 05, 2018

For churches, Christmas is an exciting time and one when houses of worship see their attendance numbers swell for some of their most anticipated services of the year. Everything from putting extra splashes of color on stage in the form…


Lighting Guide for Retail Stores

Nov 28, 2018

When setting up a retail store, you want to make the space as inviting as possible to potential customers. Additionally, you’ll need to display your merchandise in a manner that best suits its presentation. And, of course, you must ensure…


Lighting for Schools

Nov 21, 2018

It’s a fact that students and teachers spend the majority of their days under the glare of artificial light sources. And while throughout the history of education, much has been done to improve the quality of air and water in…


LED Lighting in Offices

Nov 14, 2018

Most of us spend about one-third of our lifetime inside buildings while at work — that’s an average of approximately 90,000 hours under some form of artificial lighting. And it’s important for office and facility managers to know that the…


Benefits of Having a Professional Lighting Team

Nov 07, 2018

How important is visibility in any project you work on? Recent research demonstrates that lighting plays an integral role in buildings ranging from unforgettable residential and entertainment spaces to inviting retail stores and inspiring houses of worship, ultimately enhancing safety,…


Improve the Holiday Shopping Experience With Lighting

Oct 31, 2018

Most of us have read or heard news reports about online shopping taking over brick-and-mortar retail stores. However, the truth is that in 2017, American shoppers still spent five dollars in physical stores for every one dollar they spent online.…


Technical Sound Terms You Need to Know

Oct 24, 2018

From first-time sound mixers to dedicated audiophiles, we all need to be speaking the same language when trying to bring clear, crisp sounds to live audiences and in studio conditions. So regardless of your background and experience, if you want…


LCD vs. DLP: Does it Matter?

Oct 17, 2018

If you’re in the market for a projection system, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the techno-speak surrounding the liquid crystal display (LCD) versus digital light processing (DLP) debate. First of all, we’re here to tell…


Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wireless Microphone

Oct 10, 2018

For any voice performer, from a lead vocalist to an inspirational speaker, there are tremendous benefits to having a wireless microphone system that allows freedom of motion on stage without any of the restrictions imposed by cables. And for certain…