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The Illuminated Integration Blog

LCD vs. DLP: Does it Matter?

Oct 17, 2018

If you’re in the market for a projection system, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the techno-speak surrounding the liquid crystal display (LCD) versus digital light processing (DLP) debate. First of all, we’re here to tell…


Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wireless Microphone

Oct 10, 2018

For any voice performer, from a lead vocalist to an inspirational speaker, there are tremendous benefits to having a wireless microphone system that allows freedom of motion on stage without any of the restrictions imposed by cables. And for certain…


Guide to Choosing the Perfect In- Ear Monitors for Your Musicians

Oct 03, 2018

So much has happened in audio design since 1987, when Stevie Wonder first used an ordinary FM Walkman tuned to a nearby mobile radio truck to better hear his live monitor mix while he was on stage. Urban legend has…


Stage Lighting: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Stage Lighting

Sep 26, 2018

While an audience may leave a memorable performance talking about those they saw on stage, as well as possibly giving credit to the director, there’s no doubt they wouldn’t have seen the action or been moved so fully by it…


Stage Lighting: How to Choose a Color Scheme

Sep 19, 2018

We live in a colorful world. From brighter display screens on our smartphones to the eye-grabbing HDR experience on new OLED televisions, we enjoy more color saturation and intensity than ever before. Just take a look at a news broadcast…


Stage Lighting: Images, Texture and Patterns, Oh My!

Sep 12, 2018

It’s common knowledge that paint can do much more than simply cover a wall with a particular color. With added texture and applied designs, the creative use of paint can open up and provide distinctive character accents to almost any…


Stage Lighting: The Most Important Tool in Your Toolkit

Sep 05, 2018

When you stop to think of any memorable play or performance you’ve ever attended, you think of two major stimuli — light and sound. And while you may first recall an actor’s heart-stopping soliloquy or a perfectly harmonized musical duet,…


The Importance of Color in Lighting

Jul 02, 2018

  Artificial lighting is a versatile tool that can be utilized to transform a space. It can be used in public areas to enhance performance and worship productions or within private establishments as functional or decorative lighting solutions. A survey of…


The Importance of AVL in Worship

May 29, 2018

Unsurprisingly, as much as 68 percent of Americans own a smartphone that keeps them constantly engaged in multimedia experiences. Because of this increased interaction with technology, organizations across a spectrum of industries are opting to include AV integration into their operations. Audio,…


AV Design for Beginners: What to Look for When Hiring an AV Company & What to Expect During Your AVL Design Project

Apr 11, 2018

Are you building a new space for your business or organization? Are you renovating an already existing space, and remodeling it to fit your current needs? Twenty, fifteen or even ten years ago, it might have been enough to build…