A Dark Room With Circle Lights On The Ceiling.



Rollercoaster Chaser Lights

Through architectural enhancements, atmospheric transformations, attraction theming, or the seamless integration of effects and video content; IllumiTrace is set to redefine how we enjoy and interact with roller coasters and park-wide attractions.

IllumiTrace is a system customizable to your application. Whether IllumiTrace is installed on a roller coaster, walkway, pavilion, or more, the system is intuitively controlled, and easily installed. IllumiTrace is a direct view LED lamp system that can be installed using medium screw base sockets / stringers connected to a remote driver enclosure that can be rated up to IP65 allowing lighting designers to outline buildings, coasters, pathways, and more!

System Features:
– RGBW, Dynamic White, and Filament versions
– Lamps are shatterproof
– Rated for use indoors and outdoors
– 2-wire system – Power and data share the same two wires
– Classic light bulb aesthetic
– Standard medium screw base allowing retrofits in existing systems

This system can be installed by your in-house maintenance team, and commissioned / programmed by our team of designers and integrators. This helps you save money, while expediting the installation of your project. Illuminated can also provide pricing for turn-key installation of IllumiTrace systems.


Thematic Overlay Lighting

IllumiRay transforms any piece of architecture into an impressive art installation. From a warehouse to a roller coaster, Illuminated Integration has the expertise and flexibility to create a lasting impression on attraction guests and onlookers alike.

IllumiRay is an attraction lighting system that uses a specified range of lighting fixtures and their appropriate lenses paired with a simple architectural control system. IllumiRay offers various thematic overlays that transform physical structures into artistic lighting installations. The IllumiRay system offers a 5-year warranty on all parts, fixtures, and controls.

The IllumiRay system has been designed to work with throw distances up to 300′ from a single fixture and optic. The IllumiRay system allows washes and narrow up/down lighting. IllumiRay contains a simple to use touchscreen controller and software interface that can control an infinite number of fixtures, unlimited DMX universe outputs, and an unlimited number of preset scenes and sequences. Programming of these scenes and sequences are included in all IllumiRay quotations. IllumiRay’s control system can also be tied into other park-wide control systems and integrate with third party IP-based and contact closure based energy control systems. IllumiRay can also be integrated with other theatrical show control systems. The IllumiRay system can be shipped direct to clients and installed by others or a custom installation quote can be requested with installation services by Illuminated Integration.


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